To Japan medical support system for visitors from abroad

Chief director Chikayuki Ochiai

The number of tourist visiting japan from abroad is increasing. For Tokyo 2020, Japan opens its doors to visitor from all over the globe. I consider that the developments of a tourism industry in Japan is favorable in terms of an increasingly globalized circumstances of the world. 
The aim of Japan Medical Support System for visitors from abroad is to provide convenience when people from abroad need to receive medical care during their stay for business trip, sightseeing and other reasons, they can consult anyway in japan regardless of the date and time, so that they can feel secure even if they are going to see a medical institution as a result. 
In medical treatment, in addition to differences in language and culture, there are also institutional characteristics in this country. Furthermore, medical needs arising in traveling destinations includes the urgent case concerning life and death. 
Considering these aforementioned factors, I think it is indispensable to support medical institutions on the receiving side to prevent misunderstandings and troubles in advance and, of course, this objective is also included in the purpose of this organization.
I believe developing the medical support system for visitors from abroad without any anxiety and insecurity is essential to shapes the true form of internationalization and the system by our organization would contribute to further image improvement throughout Japan, known for its security, safety and cleanliness. That is nothing but our faith.

You can search medical institutions that can accept foreigners around your current location.




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